17 February, 2011


In case you were curious, another round of 30 for 30 is going on at Kendi's Korner and across the Internets, but I am not participating. Why not? Democracy is why not.

You see, the people have spoken, and they have said they don't want to see me blog about clothes for a month, because when I have a daily blogging goal like unto such, I generally don't blog about other things (at least, that's was Vilja's line of reasoning).

But then, hahaha suckers! I haven't really been blogging much anyway. I've been super busy with work and getting my ducks in a row before school starts. I can't promise I will be blogging as much as I was when I was an unemployed stay-at-home attic-cleaner, but I do promise that I have some good stuff in the works (including some 2011 book reviews, and a REALLY INTENSE post about dating ... eh? Anybody perking up?). So please don't give up on me yet.

Also, if you totally super hearted my last 30 for 30 and are disappointed that I didn't end up doing it again, then clearly democracy doesn't work, and won't so long as folks have to DO something in order to participate besides complaining about it after the fact.


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Kayla said...

I have failed democracy. I didn't even know there was a poll so I didn't vote. I would have voted for you to participate, just FYI. Obvs.

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