20 January, 2011

Thursday Five.

Note: This came up when I did a google image search for "side of despair." I was so sad, my face fell off! Also, is there really a recording artist our there named "Mister Flu"? Inquiring minds will check it out later.

Here is your Thursday Five.

It ain't alliterative, but it's what I got.

1. When it rains job offers, it pours them like burning melted butter onto the skin of my wrist when I was just trying to make some rice krispys treats.

2. Tukwila is the ugliest, worst city in the world. I hate riding the bus there, and I resent how long it takes to ride the bus back.

3. I had my spine x-rayed last week and it turns out all the vertebrae in my back are grotesquely twisted to the right. My theory is that this is because I am blind in my left eye and thus turn to the right much more often than to the left. I also sleep on my right side.

4. Yesterday my goal was to make and eat an entire pan of rice krispys* treats. I ate one third, with a side of despair. It passed (the despair).

5. There is a new poll. Unlike my last one, this one is possibly interesting to people who are not me. Also, I have lots of new clothes. Do with that information what you will.

*Am I spelling that right?


Allen said...

No you aren't spelling it right. Rice Krispy Treats. You only pluralize the treats.

theFinn said...

I am not voting in your poll because I don't want you to get the wrong impression. Your clothes are not super boring, but when you blogged about clothes, you didn't blog as much about books or ridiculous things happening in your life, and that makes my heart sad.

Ashley said...

The cereal is spelled "Krispies"--but it's snack food. It's open to interpretation.

And I also don't think your clothes are boring but I did miss the more Elisa-ish posts not about clothes...