01 December, 2010

Not Being Naked: day 21

Today I worked at a fancy shmancy hotel. Which was awesome because I got a free lunch and paid a very good salary. It was sad because I was not an official member of the company party (I was just the typist) so when they brought in the free brownies, there was not one for me. This is how that made me feel:

This is me being sad in a fancy shmancy hotel mirror, wearing white blouse + brown skirt + red necklace + red superhero boots. One of the executives told me I looked "adorable." She had a cool haircut, so I trust her opinion. This is me lookin' at my boots, bein' sad 'cause I didn't get a brownie.


katiekono said...

Those thoughtless rats!

Linda W said...

That is sad! I would have been devastated and a little miffed.
I love that necklace!

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