14 November, 2010

Not Being Naked: days 4, 5 and 6

I had a busy weekend. But don't worry, here are some pictures of me wearing clothes. 'Cause I know how much these posts enthrall you guys.

brown polka dot dress + other orange sweater + red superhero boots + gold disc earrings (thrifted) = 10/10* (per Allen, the only straight guy I know besides DHB who has opinions about clothes). This is the outfit I wore to my birthday party.

*To be fair, he didn't submit an actual rating. But he did send me a text message with a dirty joke about my breasts, so that is pretty much the same thing.

This what my earrings look like. I always get lots of compliments on them, however they are made of very cheap metal that hurts my ears so I can never wear them for an entire day.

Also, I L.O.V.E. polka dots. When I was a nanny D used to call them "polka bots." Doesn't that sound terrifying? WATCH OUT FOR THE POLKA BOTS!!!!!

This is a real song WTF. Also, it sucks.

Anyway, the morning after eating lots of unhealthy food I went to Sunstone. It was awesome.

White t-shirt + other grey pencil skirt + calculator watch + black hooker boots + grey bracelet (was my mom's in the sixties) = meh. Maybe 5/10?

I felt okay about this outfit while I was wearing it but it didn't photograph very well, did it? Also, I had a Kendi-esque existential crisis about whether or not to tuck in my shirt. The fried food kinda made that decision for me, though. That being said, I really love this skirt. Sunstone lasted from 8:30 in the morning to like 10:00 at night and I was totally comfortable.

Yes, comfort is my raison de mettre. I am a boy.

This next outfit will be shown on the floor instead of on my body because I am already in my pajamas and I simply do not want to get dressed again. Are you kidding me?

blue v-neck t-shirt (cute, but a little cleavage-y) + black and gold scarf (thrifted, see previous) + grey pencil skirt + fake snakeskin shoes = 10/10 mostly because someone at Stake Conference today asked if my shoes were from Banana Republic and I was like SWEET

This outfit looks even better on my body than it does on the floor. Feel free to leave any clever pick-up lines in the comments.


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