28 November, 2010

Not Being Naked: days 17 and 18

Are you proud of me for wearing clothes two days in a row? Well, you should be.

This very poorly photographed outfit is fake snakeskin shoes + grey pencil skirt + blue v-neck t-shirt + black and gold scarf (thrifted) + pink drop earrings (Claire's, I think? When I was in high school?) = when I picked up Kaylene to go to Chandler, Aaron and Colin's house, she said, "Wait! Were we supposed to look pretty?" Then I had to explain to her that I don't wear pants.

The earrings.

The jacket I wore over it (Target) because it was a little cold yesterday.

Today I wore black hooker boots + grey pencil skirt + purple checkered shirt + long blue sweater + red lego earrings (purchased at BrickCon with my little brother) = everybody loves lego earrings. It's true!!

*arms thrown up in Kelso-esque triumph* AM I RIGHT????

1 comment:

katiekono said...

I love the new pics on your blog header!!!!


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