22 November, 2010

Not Being Naked: days 11, 12, 13 (sorry)

This has not been my week. Sorry about the delay, here are some pictures/excuses.

On Friday, I wore brown skirt + brown peasant blouse + long white sweater + red superhero boots. It looked OK, but I got blood* all over it. Then I had to change into non-approved clothes because all my laundry was in the dryer. Like I said, not my week.

On Saturday, I wore this:
It is neon green shirt + denim skirt + long blue sweater + fake snakeskin shoes (I had been home for a while when this picture was taken and forgot to put them on) + opal necklace (gift from my aunts when I was like 8, which I love because it hits my collarbone really sexylike) = 9/10 (-1 because why am I standing like that? It does not look cool)

On Sunday, I wore this:

I wore it with other orange sweater + red superhero boots + opal necklace, but I spilled water on the sweater (WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?). I also wore my mission coat, which always gets made fun of, but if you've been following me up to this point you know I don't care/enjoy it.

I am almost caught up! Now I need to post a photo of the clothes I wore today lying on the floor because I am once again in my pajamas, watching The Tick.

*From my nose.

1 comment:

BigBirdFan said...

Why do you fold over the bottom Of Your Jean skirt and shwo of fthe inside of the hem?

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