17 November, 2010

Not Being Naked: day 9

Fact: I did not get dressed until 4 in the afternoon today, because earlier I was dressed in my scrubs and doing manual labor in Bellevue, AKA the worst city in the whole wide Washington.

There is, I wish to make clear, nothing wrong with good, honest manual labor. Among other things, it means I did not have to go to the gym today.

My supervisor: Wow! You are INCREDIBLE!
Me (internal monologue): Incredible at moving boxes?
Me (out loud): Thanks!

Anyway, I got dressed to go to Costco and buy a couple of things, and then received no appreciation for doing so because I forgot apparently the ONLY THING that was REALLY important for me to buy (a chicken) and now my dad is pouting like a six year-old girl.

But anyway, clothes!

fake snakeskin shoes + denim skirt + white t-shirt + other orange sweater + red necklace (was my mom's) + purple hair clip (gift from Kelso) = 10/10

The 100% score was scientifically garnered because while I was in line at Costco, an autistic eleven year-old patted my butt, then reached around and tried to hold my hand. His mom was horrified, but I thought it was hilarious.


Kelsy said...

I knew those barrettes would come in handy

katiekono said...

Hey, I remember that necklace! (But I don't miss it a bit!" See pic on facebook of one I am wearing now!!

Linda W said...

The red, white, and blue look great.
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