11 November, 2010

Not Being Naked: day 3

This is actually for yesterday (Wednesday) because I just got home.

My ability to take mirror photos is improving, yes?

Denim skirt + neon green shirt + long blue sweater + Joseph and Mary necklace (it was my mom's) + neon green ring (gift from Carlos, possibly from a cereal box) + black hooker boots = 9/10
(-1 because you could see down my shirt)

1. Today's outfit needed to be versatile because I was going both to work and a show* at a tavern. Also, it really needed to be comfortable. It totally was.
2. I probably should have worn a warmer sweater.
3. Some people make fun of this shirt, but I like it.

*Pacific Nomadic. They are a good band. You should check them out if you like indie music and stuff. My friend drums for them and he is a good drummer.


Kayla said...

I really love the pop of color from the shirt.

hediyeh said...

you are such a hottie. i like this 30 days business. and im jealous it is warm enough to wear skirts.

Gheybin said...

You are stunning!!

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