26 November, 2010

Not Being Naked: day 16

Some days you try really hard to create an interesting new outfit (that is also warm) but you end up looking like Little Bo Peep.

brown skirt + brown peasant blouse + white leggings + black hooker boots + other orange sweater + calculator watch + wooden earrings (designed by my aunt who is an industrial designer in Sweden) = sheeptacular?

Also, the blood washed out quite nicely, thanks for asking.

These are the earrings. I love them. If my aunt had an etsy shop or some sort I would link to it, but she does not.
The Little Bo Peep thing was so funny at 6 in the morning that I decided to just go with it.

I also wore my (fake) SHEEPskin jacket!! Get it? Also, my scarf is the color of sheep's wool. The jacket is from the Target, I think (a really long time ago) and the scarf was knitted for me by the teenage friend of my host family in Japan. She heard I was coming and was like, I will knit her a scarf! It was really sweet but kinda overwhelming because I didn't know she was going to knit me a freaking scarf otherwise I would have made her something too. I didn't even know who she was until we went to visit her. I didn't really understand what was going on until she handed me the scarf and I was like oh how nice and then tried to hand it back to her and she was like no no it's for you. A complete stranger!! A whole scarf!! She was also really shy and kinda jumpy. I awkwardly plied with with the small gifts I had brought from Seattle but it was just overall really awkward and I felt terrible for breaking the elaborate rules of Japanese gift etiquette without meaning to. And that's the story of how I got this scarf.

Also, that same day I was talking to this girl and her family and I mixed up the Japanese word for bird with the word for monkey because they are kind of similar and my Japanese wasn't very good. And that's the story of how I told some very nice Japanese strangers that monkeys ate all the cherries off the cherry tree in my backyard and they definitely thought I was crazy and probably wished they could take back the scarf.

NOTE FIVE MINUTES LATER: Upon further reflection, the Japanese words for bird* and monkey** are not at all similar. In my defense, jet lag is a bitch.



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Satoko said...

but you are too cute. I love your jacket by the way.