23 November, 2010

Not Being Naked: day 14 and Being in Pajamas: Day 1

When going to your second grad school interview, it is crucial to DRESS FOR SUCCESS. Unfortunately, when SNOWPOCALYPSE 2010 hits Seattle the same day your interview is scheduled, that makes dressing for success exceedingly difficult.

The original plan was to wear other white blouse + other grey pencil skirt + black hooker boots + opal earrings (won by my mom at a casino) = 10/10 for sexy and professional (sexessional?). But that would simply not be warm enough. So I added my black leggings and this blue sweater (thrifted) which isn't in the mix, but is the warmest sweater I own.

I also added a hat (forever 21) + gloves (came with a cardigan I bought at like JC Penney or something) + and my black fake leather jacket + wool socks (Costco).

I was still not that warm, but it was better than the original plan, which would have resulted in an Elisa popsicle (Elisicle?). Also, driving on 1-5 at 20 MPH is creepy, but I lived.

And finally, today should have been day 15 but I spent the entire day in my pajamas, hanging out with this guy:

Why is the ground all weird? I fear change.

And rereading the email I received congratulating me on being admitted to UW's Masters in Teaching program. Yay!!!


eden said...

yay for sure! that's awesome!!! congratulations! (is that enough exclamation marks? i don't think so... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - that's better :)

Kayla said...

HA that picture totally reminds me of that Hyperbole blog post. Hilarious.