08 November, 2010

Not Being Naked: day 1

Like Kayla, my face was too awkward to be published.

purple checkered shirt + grey pencil skirt + black vest-type thing + black sandals + blue square necklace (gift from Jean-Baptiste--purchased in Paris, probably by his mom) = 6/10

1. I really like this shirt, because it is a button down shirt that actually buttons without being too tight in the chest AND without fitting like a dress overall. This is rare.
2. I also really like this skirt although it doesn't seem to photograph very well.
3. Trying to figure out whether or not I should keep the vest. Thoughts?
4. I love those shoes although they are starting to become impractical, weather-wise. They were seven dollars at Papaya on "clearance" when I bought them and I liked them so much I vowed to go back and buy up all their other pairs. However, when I went back they had been jacked back up to twelve. Jerks. Pros of these shoes: wearing them feels like being barefoot. Cons: wearing them feels like being barefoot. I remembered this while taking Sego into the backyard through the muddy, leaf-strewn grass. Gross.


Ashley said...

That shirt IS nice, I like it.

Keep the vest, it adds a little *pop*.

I'm so jealous of your legs. I just can't wear skirts that don't cover my knees. My legs are just too chunky.

Closet Confections said...

I like the vest. I could also see it working with jeans to dress up a casual look.


Kayla said...

Love everything about this outfit. ESPECIALLY the vest. Keep it. It's always nice to have easy layering pieces to change things up a bit.

Rebecca H. said...

Keep the vest! I love it, I'm a vest wearer, vests are great.


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