04 November, 2010

Fun times, girly times


As always, Kayla is my inspiration. I'm totally doing this.

You can too, if you wish.


Being clothed is better than being naked in many situations.

THERE  Shirt

If only I had this shirt.


eden said...

that's a really good idea. if i weren't leaving town this weekend, and busy with a million school projects, i'd join in. i just don't feel like i have time to go through and pick things out right now. perhaps i'll do it on my own once school ends.

ps - thanks so much for your comment on my last entry. (:

Kayla said...

I love you so much for doing this with me!! Thus far I've picked out my shoes and a couple skirts. After that I am...a little stumped. I'm hoping picking my 30 items will be the hardest part and actually putting them together won't be too difficult.

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