07 October, 2010

A memo I missed and another I didn't.

I won't try to pretend that I was a tomboy when I was little. I did climb trees and collect bugs, but I also played with dolls until I was in fifth or sixth grade (but secretly). I never was much one for sports or roughhousing. However, I completely MISSED the whole Princess thing that most girls supposedly go through at some point. Do you think it's an exaggeration to say that most girls have a princess phase?

I never played with make-up or pretended to be a princess. I never had a Disney Princess costume or insisted on pink everything or screamed at my mother, "MY REAL MOM'S A PRINCESS!"

OK, I did once. But it was in jest.

I think the whole princess trend which is manifesting itself in very strange ways is finally starting to ebb. I hope so. It doesn't seem like the catalyst for healthy thought patterns in little girls. I'm glad I missed it.

However, lest you think it's an urban myth, I have several distinct memories of looking at my various Barbie dolls and feeling sad that I didn't look like them. How messed up is that?

In sum: American culture screws up little girls in a vast myriad of ways.

Check out the rest of this series here or the other work of Dina Goldstein here. Genius.


TheMoncurs said...

I LIKED princesses but never really went through the hardcore princess phase so many girls go through these days.

And I LOVE that series. Brilliant.

katiekono said...

The Fairy Tale heroine pix were terrific! I journaled for a while (long time ago) in "A Woman's Tale: A Journal of Inner Exploration" which used fairy tale heroines as jumping-off points. Remember the "Hero's Journey" unit at Room Nine? I found a reading list for "A Heroine's Journey" put together by someone I think you would like:Valorie Frankel. http://frankelassociates.com/calithwain/HeroineReading.htm


theFinn said...

Is it terrible of me to totally feed my niece's love of princesses? To be fair, she decided that she loves them all on her own. Am I absolved because aunts are supposed to be a bad influence?

Thelma said...

I had a princess phase - but it didn't involve pink or barbies or big dresses - it was more about me being like "yeah I'm a princess, all girls are - boom society, don't you dare tell me I'm worthless"

Yes at girls camp I did wear a tiara

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