12 June, 2010

The Seven Deadly Sins, Day 4: Wrath

Sorry, guys. Apparently I took the "sloth" thing a little too far yesterday and forgot to post. Fail. To be fair, I was helping my aunt clean her house and then walking around Greenlake with Judith, so it's not like I was lazing about getting fat. Anyway, I thought about posting this one retroactively but I think I will just post twice today. Consider this a day of many sins.

Were you mad that I didn't post yesterday? Probably not. But if you were, that's a sin. The sin of wrath (which is basically anger) is one of the SEVEN DEADLY SINS. I assume that righteous anger is not a sin, however I also assume that only Jesus has truly righteous anger. What do you think?

In honor of wrath, here are some things that really piss me off.

1. Bad parenting.
2. Bland food.
3. When people lend my stuff out to other people without asking me.
4. Being asked about my finances by adults I don't know.
5. Overly aggressive salespeople.
6. People who insist on being exclusive for no good reason.
7. Capital One. It's story for another time, but those bastards are going down, just as soon as I draft that letter to the Attorney General. Hey, guys. Remember how you gave a third party company permission to withdraw money from my checking account without my permission? REMEMBER THAT??
8. Bad writers who act like they are really good writers (I'm looking at you, Nicholas Sparks).
9. Misogyny.
10. Homophobia.
11. Eh, bigotry in general.
12. People who are so loyal to one genre that they close their mind to all other genres. I'm think of Indie Music, but there are lots of examples.
13. Stretch marks.

Um, that's all I got.


Ashley said...

The thing that really pisses me off is when other people around me get pissy for no good reason. Like at the airport when there is ONE girl at the counter going as fast as she possibly can and the 14 people in line start tapping their feet and making rude comments AT HER. It's totally NOT her problem and if she stops what she's doing to call people who aren't on duty, she'll waste time doing that when she COULD be doing her job and moving the line along as best she can.

Not just at airports though, that pisses me off anywhere.

theFinn said...

I can't believe that Nicholas Sparks compares himself favorably against Cormac McCarthy. That should be a crime. (Yes, I'm feeling a bit of wrath over this.)