30 June, 2010

My Favorite People, Day 5: Vilja

Sorry for the blogging hiatus, once again. I have learned that trying to blog every day for a month makes me extremely grumpy. Lesson learned: Never again! Don't worry, I will finish the next two promised series for my adoring fans (?), just not in the timely manner I promised.

Ahem. Let me just start out by saying that true friends dress up like X-Men for Halloween.

Me, Jordan, Vilja. Please ignore that this is an unattractive photo
of me and focus on V's "Rogue Face."

Also, true friends let you post pictures like these on the internet:

Vilja, age toddler.

Vilja, age adult.

Vilja and I were floormates in the dorms freshman year, and by the hand of God (no, seriously) were in the MTC together for 11 weeks in the summer of 2006. This girl pretty much saved my life with her humor, cool head, listening skills, soccer playing, and Jordan's care packages. Vilja shares my love of comic books and the English language and even let me be a "special guest" in her freshman English class. Hanging with her is always a good time.

Also, she has a face anybody could love.


theFinn said...

I'm so overwhelmed with joy that my face made it onto your blog. I may or may not have wiggled uncontrollably in my computer chair. I'm not going to lie, seeing all of your other favorite people made me just a teensy weensy bit jealous.

And no, I'm not offended that you posted the least attractive pictures possible of me on the internet so that any of your friends who don't know me (and maybe some who do) will assume that I am half-zombie by blood.

Rachel S said...

Vilja's not half-zombie? I am disappointed.

Otherwise, here, here. I am just glad I know someone awesome enough to make this list.

katiekono said...

This is your mom. Can i vote again on changing your picture? It's not that i don't like it (it's hilarious!) it's just that it's been there so long, it's not you, and there are lots of other great pix to use instead.

Whoever is actually in the pic, it's not personal.

Anonymous said...

Vilja is a favorite?! Phsaw! I demand a duel!

theFinn said...

Thelma, I accept your challenge for a duel, as long as it is not a dancing duel. That would simply be unfair.

Rachel, shhhhh, I don't want people to suspect.

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