22 June, 2010

My Favorite People, Day 3: Cori Anne

We took this photo in honor of Martin Luther King Day.

Today's subject is Cori Anne Marie Devard. She has lots of names.

She likes typography. And water.

Whenever you hear me start a story with "My best friend ..." this is who I am talking about. She and I have been friends so long it is totally pointless to explain how we met. That would be like explaining to a grain of sand the geological history of the Planet Earth.

Things Cori and I have done together:

1. Travelled to Japan.
2. Transported a goat in the back of a van.
3. Written and starred in an award-winning skit.
4. Studied belly-dance.
5. Driven my car backwards in a parking lot for over a mile to see if my odometer would reverse one mile (it did not).
6. Tied for second in a sushi-eating contest.
7. Stolen an entire pizza from the teachers' lounge.
8. Attended a VIP party at Nintendo headquarters.
9. Dug a huge 2003 into the hill next to our high school (before someone called the cops).
10. Seen Bob Dylan live.
11. Gone to Disneyland.
12. Gone to Tokyo Disneyland.
13. Skipped school to see the first three Harry Potter movies on their opening day.
14. Taken black-and-white photos of each other on the beach.
15. Snuck into a hotel to use the pool and eat the waffle breakfast.
16. Gotten locked inside the Husky Stadium after hours and escaped by climbing a fence (thus ripping holes in the crotches of our respective jeans).
17. Organized and starred in an award-winning dance performance.
18. Gone to a midnight showing of Lord of the Rings.
19. Bought baby clothes when neither of us were pregnant or even close to becoming pregnant.
20. Held spontaneous dance parties in our condo parking lot.
21. Invented a game called "green ball."
22. Attended a rained-out production of the Manti Temple Pageant (Neither of us knows how it ends, to this very day).
23. Nair-ed our legs, to less than spectacular results.
24. Walked like one million miles (literally) on the Burke-Gilman trail.
25. Always had fun no matter what we did.


Dear Donovan and Dallin,

I know you probably can't picture your sweet-eyed Mormon mama doing some of the things I just listed above, but rest assured that she really is that cool. How lucky are you?

Auntie Elisa

Guess how old we are in this picture? 17. Wait. I was 17, Cori was 16.


katiekono said...

I just looked over on the right and saw the poll about that picture... "This is YOU mom...???"

Elisa said...

Good eye, Mumsy.