21 June, 2010

My Favorite People, Day 2: Bob Glass

To answer the question that no one has asked, I have been busy/sick the past few days, and writing anything longer than a few sentences was too hard. I am sick today, as well, but slightly more lucid, so I will venture a continuation of this quote unquote "week."

Yeah, I know I don't need quotation marks if I already SAID "quote unquote." Shut up, dude. It's my blog. I do what I want.

Ahem. Anyway.

Look! It's Bob Glass!

Bob Glass is a good friend to have, especially because he has no clue what a good friend he is. You know how people who think they are humble can't possibly be humble, but people who think they are not humble actually are? Bob Glass is like that.

Bob Glass and I met because we ran in the same circles as Pamela, David, Olivia, and other such members of the Provo Badassery. However, we were then but acquaintances. I recall him coming over a few times, and we spent a fine afternoon discussing music and listening to the crazy math-based jams of Dave Soldier, but when I left Provo I thought I would never see him again.

Then I moved to Seattle. Pow! My first day of church, who did I see? It took me a minute to figure out who he was, and another second to get over the fact that he was 1. at church and 2. in Seattle, but then all that gave way to happiness at seeing a familiar face.

I don't remember a lot about what happened after that. We went to Karaoke, and talked a lot. Somewhere along the line we started texting like crazy folks, and that is how he became one of my favorite people. He is a good person to talk to about awkward topics (code name = "Science") because he never gets shocked or embarrassed. Trust me, I have tried. He also keeps secrets. He is now my go-to guy for soul-baring, and he bears it well.

I think Bob Glass is neat. He takes good care of me and the food he makes for me when I am depressed (or just hungry) is quite delicious. Also, with him I can be myself, even if the version of myself at the time is whiny or dumb or crying over something really stupid.

It's like this, only less Southern and more Rock and Roll.

He is also man enough to apologize when he does something really bone-headed. I won't mention specific instances.

Thanks for being cool always, Mr. G.

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