04 May, 2010

I have a lucky number.

I keep waking up at eight in the morning even if I slept very little the previous night.

Last night I was so out of it I asked my friend Bob the same question eight times. We were preparing to watch the Tick and for some reason I was really confused about whether it was a movie or a TV show.

Me: Wait. Is this a movie?
Bob: No. It's a TV show.
Me: Right. OK.

Repeat five (eight?) minutes later. He only got a little impatient, bless him.

Also, in the past two days I have lost eight pounds.

Do you love that I am such a PUPPET NERD that I recognize all the voices in this video?

Also, this has nothing to do with the number 8, but today is STAR WARS DAY and thus everyone should definitely watch The Empire Strikes Back at least once. Quick! You only have eight minutes left!!

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