10 April, 2010

Why this week was an inverse parabola.

Of course, I'm sure you all remember what an inverse parabola looks like.
But just in case.


Him: This week sucks.
Me: Agreed. TOTALLY sucks.

Next day.

Him: Guess what? I am driving to Yakima!
Me: No way! That is only a few hours from me!
Him: Come visit me please maybe?
Me: Woohoo!

The day after that.

Me: So, Snoqualmie Pass is really snowy and I don't think my little Korean car can make it.
Him: Then I shall come TO YOU!


Him: I must leave now.
Me: OK.

Car drives away.


But seriously, who else is awesome and spontaneous enough to come visit me for only one day and go for a walk and eat cupcakes and watch The Shining (and comfort me when I almost peed myself from terror 'cause that movie is SUPER SCARY) and eat breakfast and then leave?

Nobody, that's who.

He is the y to my y = ± √(x - h) + k

You know what I mean.

1 comment:

eden said...

thanks for the visual. it's been a long time since geometry...

sorry for your lows, but so glad you got a really good high in there! (: (and i don't mean the druggie kind)

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