24 April, 2010

Five Times of Many

When I Miss Pamela Yukish

1. Whenever I drive past a Village Inn.
2. Whenever I listen to Jay-Z's Black Album or anything by Tilly and the Wall. Especially this song:

It's a cool video, but maybe don't watch it at work?

3. Whenever I see a hardwood floor, especially one of darker wood.
4. Whenever I watch a movie on a Sunday afternoon on the couch in my pajamas. And that. Is. Often.
5. But when I get wax stuck in my eyelashes, that's when I long for her most of all.

I cut it out with scissors. It looks ridiculous.

Still, it's not as bad as this incident, which happened long before I met Pamela.


pamily said...

oh how I miss you! I had no idea that eyebrow incident ever happened! How long did it take for them to grow in? and what did you do?? fill in with a pencil or just wait?

spring is here and the house smells like it does when the cherry blossoms bloom. and for some reason it reminds me of you most of all. probably because it was just you and me for a while last time it smelled like this.

it's sunday afternoon and I'M in my pj's and about to watch a movie, and i wish you were here!

Elisa said...

I called Greg, of course, who helped me figure out how to fill it in with a pencil. In the end, it wasn't super noticeable. It took a couple weeks to look normal again but since I was just working with the kids it wasn't like I got out much. Man, that's a phone call I never want to make again. "Greg? I did something bad and now I have no eyebrows? HELPPPPPPP..."

I wish I were there too.