12 April, 2010

Even More 2010 Books

Suzanne Collins is a cool storyteller/universe-creator, if that makes any sense. Like a female dystopian Tolkien. I enjoyed this book, but man, it drives me NUTS when authors cut the story off with a "to be continued" until the next book comes out. Meaning we're on the edge of our seats for what, a year? Grrrr. J.K. Rowling left mysteries unsolved throughout her series, but still managed to bring each novel to an acceptable ending point. We could all take a page from her book, figuratively speaking. She's a smart lady.

My employer has a lot of funny parenting books around that I read during my lunch break. Stop judging me. Right now. This was entertaining and made me feel less potential guilt about my child-rearing style. Nobody likes a helicopter parent.
P.S. By "slacker parenting" the author is not referring to neglect, but rather allowing kids to make their own choices, avoiding over-scheduling, etc.

This book was funny but also kinda ridiculous. Basically, she argues that old-fashioned parents (the kind we envision in the 1950s) were in fact better parents because they were adults outside of their roles as parents and allowed the kids to be kids. I agreed with some of the sentiment, but not all of it. Still, she has an engaging style.

One of my new favorite books. Seriously, up there with A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. A young kid growing up in Nebraska tells about the town he grew up in and the young Bohemian immigrant he falls in love with. I love Bohemia. I love this book.

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Paige said...

I couldn't believe that she ended the book like that either. I'm going to buy the 3rd one on the day it comes out.

And a while back I went through a Willa Cather phase. Love that book too.