07 January, 2010

These sorts of things take a few weeks to set in.

I have moved away from the my first grown up place of residence. Every other city I have lived in, I lived there because that is where my parents lived. Utah is the first place I CHOSE to live in. How ironic.

I am back in Seattle now.

Sego is practically suicidal. Last week we stayed with my mom and the Count's fat and flatulent bulldog, who by all accounts under-performs as everything but a doorstop. Then we drove 800 miles and stayed in a Motel 6. He was just getting used to living with Austin, Brooke and Ashley while I spent a day and a half packing the car, then BAM! Motel 6 part deux. BAM! One thousand miles in the car, again. BAM! New house in Seattle, this time with an agile young cat who by all accounts could Kung Fu Sego's metro little rear back to the days of the Sabertooths (Saberteeth?). All in all, we have driven almost 2500 miles and slept in five different beds. He is currently lying down in my room and refuses to budge, even when I offer him food. Poor dog.

Comparatively, I am doing quite well. I made the drive in two days instead of the three I had planned, partly because of a storm report slated for Friday, but mostly because I was in the zone. The Driving Zone. I felt like I could just keep going until I reached my destination. The drive went without incident. I never even stopped to eat. I ate leftover Christmas candy, apples, and Slim Fast. If you want to know how my insides dealt with that, I'm afraid that's too awkward even for the internet. Sorry.

In other news, although my degree is nearly posted, I am not done with studying. I have to take a standardized test to qualify for the teaching program I am applying for. I also have to take a couple of classes. There is lots to worry about and organize. Being a college graduate is quite similar to NOT being a college graduate. I feel so lied to.

Besides application considerations I have no concrete plans at all, except tomorrow I am going to join a gym and schlep that depressed dog to a dog park. Magnussen, or if I'm really especially ambitious, Marymoor.

1 comment:

TheMoncurs said...

I always hit the driving zone when I'm alone. It's when I've got other people in the car that I'm suddenly like, "I'm tired, let's stop for a sit down meal at this decent restaurant that will take us two hours and then let's drive one more hour and sleep." Weird.

Also, poor Sego.

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