04 December, 2009

For Future Reference:

Here are some pet names I plan to use at some point.


Note: Cats names are more fun in a sense, because cats don't answer to their own name anyway, so you don't have to worry about it being too long or complex for them to understand.

Castor and Pollux (twins!)
Cat with No Name , or CNN for short, so that when I introduce her I can say, "This is CNN."


Sparta (see my reasoning with CNN ... also, I would want to own Sparta and CNN at the same time, for obvious reasons)
Robert Palmer


L'homme pressé said...

I like Walrus. Like the meat. No, just kidding, that's mean. I meant Walrus the name, not the meat. How is that animal made plural? I hope just Walrus and not Walruses... it always seems so elegant when something can be pluralized by nothing at all.
Well, walruses.org would have me believe that those animals are not too elegant.

Leah said...

This made me laugh for approximately five minutes straight. No really. This is...SPARTA!

Rachel. said...

my oldest brother always joked about naming something "cheeseburger." such as a human child, but hopefully it will only be a pet.

p.s. I like david's comment. which is none too surprising as I like david.

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