09 September, 2009

A personal flaw akin to Kayla's mortal fear of old people, except MINE will probably send me to Hell.

Reason why I am a bad person #12,679.5

There is a cute companionship of bright-eyed sister missionaries, in matching twinsets and comfortable shoes, who often hang out in the Wilk during lunchtime.

I was a sister missionary once, was I not? So you think I would be eager as a beaver to talk to them. And yet EVERY TIME I walk by them, my immediate instinct is to do the following:

1. Look down so as to avoid making eye contact.
2. Lengthen my stride (Except in a totally UNRIGHTEOUS way).
3. Take out my phone or my iPod (or both!) from my purse in an attempt to look busy.
4. Sometimes, I even TURN around completely and walk in a different direction.

I don't know why I feel this way. It's similar to my phobia of cops, except it makes no sense.


TheMoncurs said...

I will so not be judging you for that.

Ashley said...

I object! You're not a bad person!

Austin said...

you know what? i totally don't blame you. i too was a sister missionary once, and yet there is just something uncomfortable or AWKWARD about talking to them now that i'm not a sister missionary anymore, and they are. huh.

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