27 September, 2009

Jesus gets it.

“The Lord knows who we really are, what we really think, what we really do, and who we really are becoming.” David A. Bednar

Tonight was the start of Yom Kippur, the Jewish high holy day which I can't even begin to hope to celebrate in any sort of legitimate way, seeing as I am 1. miles from any synagogue and 2. unwelcome at all but the most loose of all reform synagogues anyway. As James so eloquently wrote, I too put the "-ish" in Jewish. However, I can observe the spirit of the holiday, being one of forgiveness and atonement, things appropriate to be celebrated by anyone. Even if today were not the eve of Yom Kippur, I think this subject still would have been on my mind.

First of all I would like to publicly announce that today I attended Sacrament Meeting in a ward in Tooele, Utah, where the ward choir stood and sang the oft-maligned dirge (Kidding!) "I Believe in Christ" written by one Bruce R. McConkie, may he rest in peace. I would be lying if I were to say that this hymn is anything but my least favorite. But today--and I think it had something to do with the humility and love manifest in the members of this ward who sang this song for my friend who is leaving on a mission, because it is her favorite--I listened to all four long verses, and didn't feel irritated at all. I think I'm getting righteouser.

Here are some obscure references to things I am working on atoning for (Sort THOSE prepositions out, Athelflad!). Feel free to guess at what you think they are referencing. I think you may be pleasantly surprised!

1. There's a bag in my closet containing some small toys, a men's size 14 CTR ring, a "NO SMOKING" sign and some dish towels. None of these items were purchased for myself. There was also some candy, but I ate it.

2. Two things I wish were in the freezer aren't, nor should they be, but I still want them there.

3. Three numbers are bugging me. Two of them are wrong.

4. It's tempting for me to take a sharp utensil to all the pieces of fruit that don't meet my expectations of deliciousness. However, I must remember that even the mushiest pomelo belongs to somebody. Even if that somebody ain't me.

K, that one was actually pretty obvious.

5. Here's another obvious one: I need to set my phone for earlier, so I can read and run and study and pray and meditate earlier/at all.

6. I am not as awesome and flawless as I sometimes think I am.

7. Keep them feathers in the pillowcase.

8. Keep those words in the Bible where they belong.

9. I owe some people some quarters.

10. It's time to go go go before I slow slow .... oh no.

11. Three ghosts.

12. Bleach to the ceiling! Bleach to the sky! My things that needs bleaching piles a mile high!

13. G-g-g-gIRLfriends, on the phone, twice a day on the deity telephone.

14. Bring poetry back and sexy. Bring it all.

Man I am hilarious. Happy Yom Kippur, everyone. Or rather, I wish you a solid, introspective holiday, as mine was. Indeed.

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Sterling and Cori Anne said...

# 13 I hope has something to do with calling me... and praying. You haven't lost your funny factor. Call me Chica!