08 June, 2009

The trivialities of this Monday existence

A summary of today's events:

1. I woke up, showered, and rode my bike to school.

2. I started to not feel well while I was on my bike, but against my better judgment ignored my feelings and went to class anyway.

3. I was in class for not ten minutes when I left the room to throw up. See my entry about how sick I get when I menstruate here. Sometimes I get so sick with cramps that I throw up. Today is one of those days.

4. I staggered back into class, then decided staying would be unwise (especially since I was already familiar with the subject and would most likely learn nothing from the lecture ... HIST 201 is pretty darn remedial). So I staggered out.

5. This is one of the best bits:

I realized that I had my friend Elaine's little iClicker quiz device, and that she would need it in class that day in Astronomy since I wasn't going to be there. I called her and asked if we could meet on campus for the hand-off, but she was still at home. We discussed whether or not I could leave it under her usual chair in the planetarium, but both agreed that most likely some well-meaning student would find it and take it to the Lost and Found. I couldn't think of any other place I could leave it where it would remain for two hours unmolested. Then Elaine had the genius idea: in the library! The library is so vast there is no way any employee would find the iClicker if I left it in an unpopular place. I told her I would hide it in the library and text her the call number. It was a completely brilliant plan!

I ended up leaving my iClicker for her as well seeing as I wasn't going to be in class (Elaine is a good friend like that). I went to the second floor, to the Maps/Government section, which is both vast and under-inhabited. The Canada of the HBLL, if you will. I found a book with a title I liked (The History of Luminescence, by someone named Harvey) and left both iClickers on top of it. I also attached a note to them that read: "Please don't move these! I am asking a girl on a date!" I figured this would assure that no one would move the iClickers because no one wants to be the jerk that messed up some guy's complicated date scheme, and because I thought it was a really funny notion, asking someone out by hiding an academic device (two!) in the library.

6. After I texted Elaine the call number, but before I had exited the library, I went to the restroom and threw up again.

7. I came home and took a nap with Sego, who is a lot like a giant, fuzzy hot water bottle and did me the courtesy of sleeping on my sore belly.

8. I woke up and watched the Simpsons and ate "chicken" soup. The word chicken is in quotation marks because the broth is vegetarian and there is no chicken in the soup. I felt inspired to make a big batch of said soup yesterday afternoon even though I felt just fine. It must have been the Spirit who knew I was going to get sick.

9. Alisha Geary, who I used to visit teach and who has a great deal of health troubles and thus is very sympathetic to the distressed and ill, brought me some ibuprofen and a book we'd discussed some weeks earlier.

10. I took another nap after downing an undisclosed number of aforementioned pills.

11. I watched Penelope and ate more "chicken" soup. By this time I was feeling a bit better and decided I wanted something with chocolate. It is that time of the month, after all.

12. I decided on vegan chocolate mousse. I drove to Smith's (which I normally never do), bought the necessary ingredients, and came home and made the mousse. It turned out very delicious. There's a lot leftover if you want to come over and have some.

13. Joe came over and we talked while the puppies played. At one point Joe was playing with Sego and accidentally stepped on a glass in the living room. The glass shattered but luckily his foot was only cut in one place. and not very badly.

14. Brooke came over and brought me more soup while I was talking with Joe, and the three of us sat and talked until it got dark. One subject of interest was what food-related names might be acceptable for Joe's future children since he likes to name his pets after food (Broccoli, Potato, etc.). Most of the names we came up with were herbs: Sage, Rosemary, Saffron, Ginger. Why do you think that is the case?

15. I talked with Candace about birth control since she is getting an IUD installed (inserted?) soon.

16. Now I am writing in my blog. I have not thrown up for quite a few hours. I assume that means I will be OK tomorrow.

Today was a very boring day except for the library and the chocolate mousse.


Ashley said...

What an eventful day. My heart hurts for you that periods can be so rough. But then again, this isn't a new condition. My heart has always hurt for you that time of the month.

Tell your friend to make sure she takes a pain killer before she goes in for her IUD. My doctor told me to do that and I got out the door and realized I hadn't, but like a FOOL, I decided not to both because I had the baby in the stroller and all. It was a little weird but not at all painful when they put it in, but a few minutes later, I doubled over in pain that was much stronger than menstrual cramps and suddenly gave me deja vu of being in labor. Yes, it was THAT bad. Tell her not to forget to take meds BEFORE going to the doc!! (It's not painful for an extended period of time, I'm pretty sure I only HAD to take something that first day and then for the first month I often had cramps first thing in the morning, but they were very mild. But it's grievous enough that I want all women to know about it so they can avoid the same incapacitating fate!)

Sterling and Cori Anne said...

Hey Babe!

I'm sorry about your horrific day. All the vomiting makes me feel sad for you. Watching Penelope sounds fun though as does eating the chocolate mousse. I love the part about the i clicker! Brilliant! I wish we could coordinate our calling efforts.

Thelma said...

I love Penelope - can we multiply James McAvoy?

Melanee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Melanee said...

Brilliant idea with the note. If I had stumbled across that note in the library, I would have changed my plans to study near by and watch the scene unfold.

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