02 May, 2009

What goes on at the temple (100% appropriate)

1. A few months ago, I was leading a group of temple patrons up the stairs from the chapel into one of the Endowment rooms. An elderly male worker was with me, and while we were on the stairs I walked behind him, because the stairs were so narrow. Once we reached the top of the stairs I continued to walk behind him, until he stopped and turned towards me. He then said, "Walk beside me. That's the gospel."

2. This afternoon while I was in the changing room, I found a little grey moth. After some effort I caught her in my hands and went through the lobby and through the front doors. I then let her go in the flower patch right outside the temple doors. When I went back inside, the man at the recommend desk smiled at me and asked if i thought the little moth would be all right.

3. Several hours later, I saw an elderly woman do the exact same thing.

This is how I know the Church is true.


mathistown said...

I love this post. For lots of reasons, but mostly imagining you helping that moth. You are much kinder than me, and that warms my heart. ;)

Gheybin said...


Some of my most magical moments have been moth related. I swear.