04 May, 2009

An interesting challenge

1. I held Suzie's brand new baby girl (Eliot Jane) for a few minutes, and she made that snuffling baby sound that is the cutest thing in the entire world, and I almost perished with adoration.
2. Learning about Tycho Brahe in my astronomy class, and about how he lost his nose in a duel.
3. Entertaining myself by wondering what I would challenge someone to a duel about.
4. NPR and dishes with Pamela.
5. My history professor who calls out my fellow students when they are full of crap. I love that.
6. Thai coconut soup.
7. Britney Spears on my iPod while riding my bike to campus.
8. Finally having an excuse to read The Arabian Nights.
9. Our lawn got mowed.
10. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band stuck in my head all afternoon.


1. PMS.
2. Being belligerent for no reason at FHE.
3. Our kitchen is a mess.
4. My room is a mess.
5. My love life (or rather, taste in men) continues to be a mess.
6. Too many things to do, to the point where I become overwhelmed and paralyzed.
7. Scraping my leg while playing a game that I don't even particularly enjoy.
8. Feeling obligated to come up with ten things, then realizing I sound like a brat.
9. I am pretty sure I smell bad.
10. I am also pretty sure I am a brat.


1. Vegetarianism is, in fact, consistent with Mormon doctrine.
2. Eminem is legitimately talented.
3. The death penalty ought to be outlawed in the United States.
4. Americans need to stop blaming Mexico for all their problems.
5. Star Trek is better than Star Wars.

The answers to these "Mystery Lists" are, respectively:
• Reasons why today was awesome.
• Reasons why today wasn't as awesome as it could have been.
• Issues over which I might challenge someone to a duel.

Also, watch this video. It's really great.


Brooke said...

You ARE taking spring classes?

girl, lets together. lets bake bread. lets watch chick flicks with Taylor. lets go to the..Star Trek movie premiere!!!!

Brooke said...

lets *get together (yeah yeah yeah)