27 May, 2009

In which I do something just short of hosting a "giveaway"

Sorry about the blogging hiatus. It's been a crazy fortnight. But not the kind of crazy that would be interesting to write about, unfortunately.

That's why I need your help! Well, that, and I'm pretty much totally jealous of Kayla, who has amazing blogging fodder, in part because she asked her readers what she should write about.

I am doing the same thing! Tell me, dear readers, what you want to read about. And I will most likely supply it for you. Within reason, naturally. Remember, though, "within reason" for me is pretty darn broad. Go to, and provide for me blogging fodder!




Ashley said...

I want to hear about your trip home and what you think of you future stepdad.

TheMoncurs said...

A wordless photo essay about your life

An ode to your favorite color

An original haiku by you

The best Christmas you can remember

Your favorite children's book

Something that is only funny now that you can look back on it

A letter to your future child(ren)

A letter to yourself as a child

An outfit you would buy for yourself if you had an unlimited clothing allowance

Also, I really liked your series on things you had never done before. I say you do a few more of those.

Why was it so easy for me to come up with blog fodder for you but I was totally up against a wall with my own blog??

mathistown said...

I think you should blog about things you wish you'd never done. Kind of like your list of things you'd never done, but opposite(?) Or the best decisions you've ever made. Like the ones that lead to really great things, or that have benefited you most, but that may have seemed minor at the time. I like looking at things like that. I hope that made any sense at all..

theFinn said...

I want you to host a giveaway--for real this time!

Blog ideas:

Your most embarrassing moment ever

The best/worst way to die

If a genie gave you 3 wishes, what would they be? (Following the "Aladdin" rules of no wishing for more wishes, no wishing people dead, and no making people fall in love)

Darth Vader Quotes

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