06 May, 2009

Attention women of the world (particularly the women at my gym)

There is an opinion I have on a certain subject, and it's not exactly the kind of thing I'd make t-shirts or start a facebook group about. Nevertheless, I feel that this opinion must be shared. I am grateful for the blog and the forum it provides for honest expression of deeply held beliefs.

Here is my opinion:

I think healthy adult women should have healthy adult pubic hair.

There, I said it.


pamily said...


I love you

Also, that is funny because I'm of the mind that it sure would be nice to be hairless.

Queen of the Giggle Loop said...

Oh my goodness, I totally agree!

You're hilarious! :D

Ashley said...

lol This made my day!

TheMoncurs said...

I agree, yet at the same time I do love the occasional wax. I'm torn!

Also, you should totally put that on a t shirt.

theFinn said...

My question is:

Why are you concerned about the pubic hair of women at your gym?

mathistown said...

that has a nice ring to it...sounds like a good t-shirt ;) but what exactly constitutes "healthy" in this context??

Charles said...

LOL! and again LOL! I think..............it is better that I don't respond to this but applaud you on your openness. OK. My feelings. Just because everyone else is waxing down south doesn't mean you should feel it wrong or uncomfortable not doing so. In an interpersonal relationship the couple would typically communicate their preference, but never ever do or expect anything that would cause the spirit of God to withdraw from the relationship. Just my 2 cents.

Elisa said...

Vilja and Alli:

I was reading an article about the effect the widespread use of pornography has had on our culture, and one of the obvious ones is that it has led to men having an unrealistic expectation of what women should look like. Women have to compete with porn actresses physically. So because most porn stars are waxed, many women our age feel they have to be too, in order to appease their boyfriends. It sucks! Just say no!

L'homme Masqued said...
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