13 February, 2009

No Identifying Information.

Here is a funny story. My friend agreed that I could share it with the world, as long as I didn't identify her or give away (in any way) who she is.

Hint: she wears shoes.

So in class today we were talking about Catholicism and the various effects the higher-ups in the church had on the English language, mostly their specialized language, etc. I made a somewhat snarky comment about the Catholic church, and the following conversation ensued.

Me: I can say that.
Anonymous girl: Oh yeah. I forgot about that. That your family is Catholic.
Me: Well, technically, we're Jewish. We became Catholic during the Inquisition so we wouldn't die. We were wusses.
AG: You're Jewish?
Me: I guess. Like, ethnically.
AG: You can't be Jewish! You're too pretty!

She then proceeded to ram her foot so deep down her throat I am positive her shoe will never be recovered.

Thus, if you see a girl walking around campus with only one shoe: STONE HER!! STONE HER!!


Leah said...


Ashley said...

lol This is amazing. It's difficult to repress my own sentiments on the matter.

It reminds me of the time you taught a training about working with Catholics in District Meeting. I still have those notes.

pamily said...

haha, this story is fantastic. also, it reminds me of what JR's Filipino grandmother said to me sometime around Christmas. "Pam-ay-la," she said (that's how she pronounces my name). "Pam-ay-la, YOU have a JEWISH beauty."

It was simultaneously the oddest and the most wonderful compliment I have ever received from an old woman. I loved it.

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