19 February, 2009

Dolgok amiket szeretek.

Without being too exhibitionist (this is the internet, after all) for the past few weeks I have been making an increased effort to figure out what makes me happy and eliminate anxiety in my life. Turns out little things can be me even more joy than, you know, a relationship. Even more than employment! Here is what I got so far.

Things that Make Me Happy

1. A grilled cheese sandwich with muenster cheese, raspberry jam, and sliced pears (thanks Robbie).

2. Videos of people tap-dancing.

Tangent: this one has always been my favorite and my official go-to for when life seems unbearable, but since it came from a 1981 SNL special, it recently got taken off YouTube for copyright reasons. I am not ashamed to admit that I googled for SEVERAL HOURS on Tuesday in order to find it. And I did. Clearly, God loves me. He just likes to see me sweat.

3. Black and white pictures of people kissing.

4. Pero (fake coffee) with lots of sugar and soy milk.

What makes YOU happy?


TheMoncurs said...

1. Doing pretty and unique things to my house

2. Canned pineapple in juice, not syrup

3. Running outside when the weather is so impossibly lovely it makes you sad that you can't spend ENOUGH time outside to take advantage of it

4. Wes walking :)

Becca said...

Mmmmm muenster....delicious.

eden said...

i told you i loved the cs lewis quote, but i also love the steve martin/gregory hines video. i saw it a long time ago and it brings happiness to my heart. ( :

Celia said...

You make me happy :)

Celia said...

And I agree with Becca. Muenster is the best cheese. Trust Becca and me with our cheese knowledge. We are experts.

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