29 January, 2009

Phone of love.

Have you seen these embroidered text messages?
I think they are so dang cute. I wish I could embroider, although even if I could I don't know if I would want to make these because they have already been done. But they're so cute!

So I got a new phone. It's pretty cool. I haven't had much of a chance to use it yet, but it's all fancy and expensive in a "my-parents-got-divorced-recently-and-are-still-trying-to-buy-me-back" sort of way. I am a little sad to get rid of my old phone, but mostly because I have so many saved text messages on it that make me so happy. I can't embroider them, so I thought I would list them right here.

I think it will be more interesting if I DON"T say who they are from. Also, punctuation has been modernized. This could very well be EXTREMELY boring to everyone who is not me. Who cares?

My favorite text messages from 2008:

"Yes. You're amazing. I couldn't make it through life without you. I'm gonna call you Sunday, I'm studying for a test. I love you."

"I love how confident you are. And you have great legs."

"I was thinking about your hands today while examining mine and I think they are the prettiest kindest looking hands I ever held. And your lips are hot."

"You are one of the most intelligent people I know. And one of the most naturally maternal women I've ever met. You are going to be such a good mommy! I love you!"

"You are a beautiful wonderful girl with a bold courageous and true heart--the likes of which I don't think I've ever seen."

"Hope life is good for you! Remember to smile. You are loved."

"You, lady, are a princess. Not the spoiled kind, but rather the kind who doesn't know she is until that fateful day."

"Thank you so much E. That was a great message. And you are incredibly hot. Love Sego too. Love you."

"Ha, thanks. On another note Toby is sad bored and really really annoying without Sego, and I miss you so come home soon."

"Happy birthday big sister!" (Gee, who could that be from?)

"Happy birthday my sista! I love you! I'll call you this afternoon so be ready for some fly birthday singing!"

"So today just has this transcendent quality of being special! I'm pretty sure it's because you were born! Woohoo! I for one am so glad about it! Happy birthday!"

"You are so sweet."

"I just got back. I am crying. You are love. Thank you for eveything you are. God appreciates you. So do I."

"I think very highly of you."

"Being who you are is so sweet."

"This is Thelma. I love you!" (OK, that one is a dead giveaway too. But how often does one get a text message from Thailand? Hardly.)

"That nearly put me to tears. You're so great. So great."

"I know you don't lie, that's a fact. You've got the highest integrity of just about anyone I know."

"And that would only add to the list of things that make you amazing."

"Girls. I just walked around the house completely naked and it was so weird yet strangely liberating. Just thought I'd share that awkward truth with y'all." (this one may be my very favorite)

"You are wonderful!"

"You. You girl. Are funny."

"Hey sweetie I just want you to know I love you. I think you're wonderful. You're sweet, kind, smart and beautiful. I hope you have a better rest of the day."

"I love you so much. Enjoy today!"

"Oh my goodness! I love this dress! You are so so so sweet!"

"I'm well enough off, thank you my dear."

"My love for you moves me to tears."

"You are doing so much good in this world. It is a better place with you in it."

"Dude. You're probably the best and truest friend I've ever had."

Awww. I have so many wonderful people in my life. Some of these make me a little sad, but I still want to keep them. If you recognize yourself in these, know that I love you. And if not, maybe you should send me more text messages telling me how much you love me, hmmm?


TheMoncurs said...

If I had your number odds are very good that I would text you sometimes.

Ashley said...

*blush* I'm glad I make your life awesomer too. :)

Leah said...

Wow..that's an impressive collection of texts. I can't say I'm not a little envious! ;D