01 January, 2009

2008 in review

So last night marked the end of my first full year back from my mission. I've said this before, and I'll say it again: the longer I am back, the more my mission feels like a Christmas Carol-esque dream. Changed my life, yet so far from reality it didn't really happen. Anyway, here are my thoughts on 2008.

Positive things:

1. Moving back to Utah. Best idea ever. I have been so lucky in terms of my houses, my roommates, and my ward. Especially the house and ward I am in right now.
2. I got a dog. Sego. Whom I miss like crazy right now. Even though he is only kinda potty trained. He has enriched my life.
3. I bought a car and paid it off. Meaning its mine even if I lose my job.
4. I finished my tuberculosis medicine! And the fact that I never really got sick with TB because they caught it so early. I'd call that a positive thing.
5. I found a decent job. Via Craig's List? Who knew?
6. The almost-worry-free birth of Donovan Mariano Devard!!
7. Turning 24, which sounds and feels a heck of a lot older than 23. Being OK with that.
8. Attending and helping with the third annual (but my first) Sego festival. I got my dog that weekend if you were wondering how he got his name.
9. The Of Montreal show for Celia's birthday.
10. The opening of the Pennyroyal Cafe.
11. Doing my grandmother's temple work.
12. Joining a gym again. So worth it.
13. Disneyland with Cori and co.
14. Long walks with Ama and the puppies.
15. Getting through my first college science class. Well, one of them. Geology.
16. Getting my money's worth from my phone plan with Ashley.
17. Getting a new computer slash camera. Both of which I really needed.
18. Becoming a temple worker.
19. Making new plans.
20. Ben Folds show in Salt Lake.

Not-so-positive things. Hopefully this will be shorter.
1. The first few months back from my mission, when I would come home from work every day and literally just sit on the floor in my bedroom and cry.
2. Getting dumped twice. By roommates in the same house. Whoops.
3. Carlos not responding to his Hepatitis treatment the way he should have.
4. Several panic attacks.
5. The Divorce.
6. The scare with Donovan and the baby cord, which turned out fine. Still, it was a dark 12 hours.
7. Having my patience tried to the max with my kids and a certain roommate. If you're reading this, it isn't you.
8. My astronomy class.

What I want to see happen this year:
1. I would really, really, really like to graduate in December.
2. I would like to find a job with benefits that I like and that makes the world a better place.
3. I would like to get accepted to present at the Forensic Linguistics conference in Amsterdam this July. My paper is submitted, so we'll see.
4. I would like to write more.
5. I would like to have NO panic attacks this year.
6. I would like to potty-train Sego.
7. I would like a new church calling that would involve actually doing stuff more than twice a year.
8. I would like to take a trip to Brazil with my roommates.
9. I would like to get in better shape.
10. I would like to take up knitting again.

What a fascinating life I lead. Whatever. This is for me.

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Rebecca said...

I like it! You do have a fascinating life...good luck to you in 2009, I hope all those things come true for you!