14 July, 2008


There's a guy in my FHE group who's new. He's obnoxious and irritating and he really pisses me off. I will, out of loyalty to Mel, who's the ward FHE coordinator, and Aisling, who's our group leader, continue going to FHE, but this dude really drives me nuts. Intentionally. I feel like I'm in second grade all over again. What do I do?

Unacceptable answers include:

1. Assume the old adage "when a boy teases you, it means he likes you."
2. Giving him any sort of gift.

Sample scenario: he purposefully pronounces my name wrong because I told him it upsets me. He walks up to me at a ward activity and says, "Hey Eliza." Ideas for action ... or lack thereof? Maybe I'm wicked but I feel like doing the whole "getting a rise out of me means he wins" concept is untrue here because he is expecting me to just grin and bear it. Can I tell him off? Please?


TheMoncurs said...

When he walks up and says, "Hey, Eliza?" say, "Yes, Annoying?" or something like that (also possibilities: Obnoxious, Person Who Drives Me Insane, etc). And be only sort of joking about it.

Elisa said...

ooh, good one.

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