14 July, 2008

35 "interesting" facts about me

1. My freshman year at BYU I dressed up like a sprite can to promote recycling in the main square of campus.
2. When I was 17 I took a belly dancing class with Cori.
3. I have a secret obsession with names. I love watching things like movie credits, just to look at the names. I also keep numerous lists of names I like and hate.
4. I am terrified of fireworks.
5. I'm a vegetarian, but I do sometimes crave meat. However, I never crave "good" meat like steak, only cheap stuff like corn dogs and chicken nuggets.
6. The only kind of hat that looks good on me is the baseball variety.
7. And yet, I think baseball is the single most boring sport ever invented.
8. I hate mini-golf.
9. I love mayonnaise.
10. One of my favorite things to do when telling stories is speak with various affected accents.
11. The two things I can honestly say I have absolutely failed at are piano and Latin.
12. My latest fantasy is to buy a houseboat and live in Puget Sound.
13. My favorite swear word is the S word.
14. I had a crush on Bill Murray as a child.
15. I hate the sound of German unless spoken by natives. So basically, I hate the sound of Americans speaking German. Which is why I didn't want to get called there.
16. I have always wanted to live in an apartment with a fire escape.
17. My favorite parts of my body are my eyes, my hands and my breasts.
18. That said, I have always wanted to be Asian. When I was a kid I used to pull my eyes back into slits in front of the mirror and hope they would stay that way.
19. I still sometimes do that.
20. I think longboarding is dumb.
21. When I was very young there was a department store Santa that worked at the mall closest to us. My mom thought he was really nice and even bought him a Christmas present one year. I was afraid of him and refused to sit in his lap. Years later, he was arrested for child sexual abuse.
22. On my mission, my journal was still mostly about boys.
23. One of my life goals is to attend a Star Trek convention.
24. The three celebrities I would want to have lunch with (political or social celebrities aside -- I'm talking straight-up famous people) are Oprah, Madonna, and Mike Doughty.
25. I still believe Michael Jackson was innocent.
26. I already have my wedding night all planned out.
27. When I was home sick with the chicken pox for a month at the age of 14, I was really bored, and spent most of my time watching either Lord of the Rings or Newsies, and researching either movie on the internet. If you've ever wondered why I know so much trivia about those two movies, that is why.
28. When I first started using deodorant, it gave me such a bad rash in my armpits that I thought I would never be able to wear it. I had to carry a bottle of aloe in my backpack to relieve the pain.
29. My favorite Spice Girl is Posh.
30. No matter what he is talking about, I cannot hear a quote from Randy L. Bott without inwardly (sometimes outwardly) wincing.
31. I google myself all the time.
32. I am positive I suffer from a mild form of trichitillomania, which is an obsessive desire to pull one's own hair out. I do it in the form of plucking obsessively.
33. I spent a brief stint working for the Howard Dean presidential campaign.
34. I chew about the same amount of gum as someone who is trying to quit smoking.
35. None of the jeans that I currently own fit me properly.

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