20 June, 2008

A Super Day

Today was so much fun. Vilja, my girlfriend from freshman year, got married to Jordan in the Bountiful Temple, and so much good times were had all the livelong day. All of our girls were there. There is a group of eleven of us that have been friends since we were 18. We could not be more different, and our lives have all gone in drastically different directions, but we are seriously like sisters.

Vilja is a Finnish-American from Boston who loves Batman and hates all things girly. And yet today, her wedding day, she couldn't stop giggling. She was my rock and my lifesaver when we were in the MTC together. She also plays a mean game of Lacrosse.

Marilyn is a dentist in Baltimore. When you first meet her, you assume she is your typical blond cutie from Georgia: adorable, feminine, and more adorable. But she actually kicked ass in a rigorous science program at BYU, lorded over hundreds of boys older than her in the pre-dental club, and now rules the University of Maryland dental school. And her purse always matches her shoes.

Rachel is a Mexican-American engineer. You think she wants to kill you but actually that's just her acidic wit. She doesn't like to talk about feelings. But she tells amazing stories.

Chelsea was the most popular girl in the ward our freshman year, earning her the nickname "man-eater." But deep down she's a return missionary who owned four businesses before she was 21 and was totally pissed when she caught the bouquet tonight. Classic.

Hediyeh is an Iranian-American medical student. She is brilliant, gorgeous, funny, and about 100 pounds. No man is good enough for her. She would hike the world alone before settling down and leading a boring life.

Courtney is a mild-mannered middle school math teacher from Connecticut. She loves pop punk music, field hockey, and ... math. Which is so weird to me. But she is one of the kindest people you will ever meet.

Becca is cute, from Texas, pregnant, and more cute. Her dream is to be a suburban housewife, and she will do it. She lived in Japan while her dad was a mission president. She's also an amazing artist.

Thelma is passionate about everything, out to save the world, and has sometimes questionable taste in men. She works for the Burma Campaign in Washington DC, lived in Thailand, and is one of the greatest dancers to ever live.

Lori is an extremely talented advertising major who also happens to be hilarious and good at everything. She is confident, but never, ever cocky in the least. She and I were roommates in 704 all those years ago.

Celeste is Lori's best friend from high school. Check it out: she's a lifeguard, on the BYU ballroom dance team, and probably turns gay guys straight. She's hot. And so funny and cool you can't hate her for being beautiful. She works for an anti-porn advocacy group.

And then there's me.

See? We probably wouldn't have introduced ourselves to each other if we hadn't all been living on the Honors floor in Deseret Towers five years ago. Yet thrown together we were, and we are always there for each other and our famously varied lifestyle choices. Did I mention that all of my friends are dang pretty? When we go out together we get attention.

And when we hit the dance floor tonight at the reception, all of us shaking it and laughing and watching Vilja swish around in her wedding dress ... well I don't think I have ever been more happy.

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Sterling and Cori Anne said...

Donovan was fussing. So I'm up at 2 am catching up on your blog. It's actually quite enjoyable to read. I love you!

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