25 May, 2008

That's it! That's my happy thought!

My employer bought some new movies for the kids a few weeks ago, and among these was Hook, the 90s classic about Peter Pan growing up, losing his innocence and then picking it up again when he returns to Neverland to rescue his kidnapped children. Very fun movie.

I don't know why, but last night I started thinking about the idea that Peter Pan had trouble finding his happy thought, which led to the related question: what would MY happy thought be? I had a hard time thinking of specific things, but here is what I came up with.

1. Cori's and my Senior Dance Recital in 2003, when we were surrounded by our loved ones in the lobby afterwards. Everyone was telling us what a great job we did, and I honestly felt that I deserved the praise.
2. Receiving my own endowment in the Provo temple 28 April 2006.
3. The first time I did baptisms for the dead with my own family names.
4. This sounds like a sad thought at first, but go with it: when I was 18 my dad and I got in a fight while he was driving somewhere, and he stopped and threw me out of the car and drove off. It was the middle of the night and I didn't have my phone or my keys or any money. But there was a young man on the street who saw the whole thing, yelled at my dad (which made me feel better), walked me to to a nearby business and stayed with me until he was sure I was OK. I will never forget that guy or how kind he was to me. He acted more like my dad than my dad had that night.
5. I went to the hospital for an EKG when I was 14, and the nurse there smiled at me and said, "You are very pretty." I didn't hear that much when I was 14.
6. My farewell testimony in my singles ward right before I left on my mission. Afterwards my bishopric went to my dad and congratulated him on raising "such a daughter."
7. Going on a waterslide with my mom when I was 4. I hate waterslides normally, but for some reason I was never afraid when I went with her.
8. DisneySea in Tokyo with Cori. Disneyland sounds like such a cliche, but it really was an almost perfect day.
9. The Tate Museum of Modern Art in London. Not being there with anyone in particular, just being there.
10. The many times I ended up walking several miles in some random falu with Pollock, and all we did was talk.
11. When the plane was taking off in Budapest at the end of my mission, I was sitting far from all the other missionaries next to an Italian man who didn't speak English or Hungarian. When the plane took off, I lost it and started to cry. I think he thought I was frightened of the plane, so this sweet old man tried to comfort me by patting my arm and saying in broken English,"Is OK, is OK. No scary."
12. When I brought my last poem to English 518 (a graduate poetry class) and Professor Larsen was so impressed with my poem and told me he thought it was worth publishing. He was my favorite professor and I wanted him to respect my work so badly, so his praise was worth more than anyone else's.
13. Singing at Cori's baptism 10 April 2005.

That's what I got for right now. That's a lot.


Ashley said...

We came pretty close to getting you to every single member walking all those miles in all those falus... :) Pretty Happy Thought for me too.

Sterling and Cori Anne said...

I loved it when you sang at my baptism! It was so sweet. I remember how much it made me cry.

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