03 May, 2008

It's not like very many people read this anyway ...

So something very interesting happened to me tonight, and all night I've been internally debating about whether or not to write about it here. If any of you think its totally crazy, I don't blame you. If it hadn't happened to me just a few hours ago, I would hardly believe it myself.

I decided to write about it because I want to remember what happened, and have a record of it sooner rather than later. Plus, like I said, not very many people read this. So it's fairly safe.

So tonight I had a really strong feeling that I wanted to go to the temple and perform sealings (weddings in behalf of people who died without being married in an LDS ceremony). I had a bunch of family names that have been piling up for years, and I've been putting them off for about that long, thinking that as soon as I have a boyfriend who is worthy to attend the temple he and I can do them together. Easier said than done. Simply put, I'm tired of waiting.

I went tonight expecting it to be fairly empty, being a Saturday night, but there were actually three other couples there, and one other guy who had came on his own, making us four couples in all. Perfect. We all performed the ceremonies for my ancestors, and it was a beautiful experience. With my current family situation (remember, my parents are getting divorced) the whole experience felt kind of ... near ... to me, and so I was a little emotional and teared up a few times. As I sitting there watching the other couples do my names, one of the women came over and sat by me. She was a sweet middle-aged woman and she kept glancing my way, smiling at me, patting my hand, etc. As if we knew each other.

Finally the time came for me and the other single person to perform the last two sealings. We went to the altar, finished those without a problem, and then this woman who had been sitting next to me also came to the altar to seal a daughter to another set of parents. As those ceremonies were being performed, I started to feel nauseous and dizzy. I don't remember what happened next, but apparently I keeled over at the altar. It wasn't until after I had fainted that I remembered: I had been so excited to go to the temple I had forgotten to eat lunch or dinner.

I woke up on my back, with my surrogate temporary husband and surrogate temporary daughter looking down at me with concern. Are you OK? I lay still while somebody brought me some really sugary juice. When I was feeling better, I returned to my chair. All the temple workers assured me that this happens at least once a week. Some people lose circulation while kneeling for longer than a few minutes and faint. Maybe they just like the free juice.

This is an interesting part of the story but not what I really want to write about. The nice woman who acted so friendly with me sat by me for the rest of the session, holding my hand. When the session was over, the cute old man who was serving as sealer asked for someone to remain with me in the temple until I left, to make sure I was OK. She (I am a terrible person because I never got her first name) offered to do it, so as we walked back to the dressing room she told me a little about her life and her family. The following conversation happened.

Nice lady: This is going to sound very, very strange, but ... (long pause) while I was sitting with you, I had this really really strong feeling that you are going to get married.
Me: (confused look) [Remember, I was still a little out of it]
N. L.: I mean, here. Soon. You are a very special person. I feel so lucky that I was able to be here with you tonight.

Of course I teared up again when she said that, then we walked down to the locker room and got changed. As we hugged and said our good-byes (I still cannot believe I didn't get her name) she said to me:

N. L.: Keep doing exactly what you're doing. You're going to meet your husband here or something.

I'm trying to take this experience at face value -- as a tender mercy, not out-and-out prophesy --- and not put too much stock in it.

But still: I'm getting married! I'm getting married! I'm getting married!

At some point, it would seem.

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TheMoncurs said...

Elisa, that's such a sweet experience! You're going to be so glad that you wrote it down! I have so many of those that I was like, "Oh, I'll remember" but now the details have faded and I'm kicking myself.

Also, glad I found your blog through facebook. I love blog friends!

Kayla (Peterson)