26 May, 2008

Dead ducks

True story: my roommate's biology professor offered extra credit to any student who brings her a dead duck. Something about destruction of native plants. Anyway.

Mel, said roommate who served in the Czech Republic, and I were talking about all the special things we learned on our missions, and of course one of the big things was how to get along with people. I will say, after being with a companion 24/7 you learn a lot about what kind of person you are happy being with. Here is another list:

Traits my past companions had that I liked:

1. Being positive (Mitchell)
2. Lack of negative inhibition (Pollock)
3. Laughing at my jokes (Gillespie)
4. Being interested in my life (Gillespie)
5. Willingness to goof off (Gillespie)
6. Goal setting (Pollock)
7. Wanting to exercise (Loveland)
8. Not always needing to talk (Loveland)
9. Not judging me (Beech)
10. Being trustworthy (Beech)
11. Being funny (Mitchell, Pollock, Beech)

Traits I would rather avoid:

Of course I won't associate names with any of these ...

1. Depression
2. Laziness
3. Temperamental
4. Getting easily offended
5. Freaking out easily

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